Alex L. Andrade Jr., PsyD

California License PSY28925

Illinois License 071.009030

Hello, my name is Dr. Alex L. Andrade Jr. and I am a licensed clinical psychologist.

Let me first start by saying I hope I am able to provide you some helpful information as you are considering starting psychotherapy. I believe that asking for help is a sign of strength given that we all need help at some point in our life. Reading this and looking into psychologists who might be able to help you, counts as a step towards addressing the difficulties you have been experiencing. 

That being said, let me tell you a little about myself and how I help individuals in treatment. 

I have been providing treatment to people for over 10 years. I help individuals manage a range of psychological and psychosocial issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, life changes, grief, health-related issues, relationship issues, and substance use disorders. I am licensed as a clinical psychologist in both California and Illinois and have worked in urban as well as rural settings. I primarily provide treatment to adults, although I occasionally provide treatment to adolescents and young adults, typically 12 years and older. Also, I provide treatment to individuals who are seeking psychotherapy for the first time as well as people who have previously been involved in treatment. I provide psychotherapy that is brief and short-term, including meeting for several sessions to address specific issues as well as more long-term psychotherapy addressing ongoing mental health issues. I adapt my approach to treatment based on what you are experiencing, the type of treatment you are seeking, and what I believe might help you achieve the goals you are striving toward. 

In addition to providing individual psychotherapy, I also have extensive experience providing behavioral health treatment as part of an interdisciplinary team, which consists of working directly with medical providers. I incorporate this experience throughout my treatment approach as the mind and the body are connected and we must not just focus on mental health but overall health and well-being. I have also been a board member of the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association (SVPA), an organization consisting of psychologists in the Sacramento area. As a previous board member of SVPA, I have conducted continuing education trainings for therapists and students on topics including an overview of racial microaggressions, multidisciplinary treatment of type 2 diabetes, and primary care behavioral health services. Currently, I am a board member of Tavana Inc., a community based non-profit mental health organization that is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and families seeking support to live healthier, with more awareness to focus on happiness, wellbeing, and success. Also, I have taught undergraduate college courses, including an abnormal psychology class at Sacramento State University and a course about racism and discrimination at Roosevelt University. I have also been a guest presenter at local schools, including speaking to kids and young adults, with the goal of informing them about psychology and how to pursue a career related to psychology. Teaching and conducting trainings require that I continually educate myself and stay informed about important psychological topics. I believe these experiences add to my overall knowledge and strengthen my clinical abilities, therefore contributing to the psychotherapy I provide to individuals.