First Session & Follow-Up Sessions

Prior to your initial meeting, I recommend that you download, print, and complete the form titled Intake packet which can be found on the page titled Forms. Complete as much as you can, anything that you have questions about just leave blank and we can discuss it when we meet. 

The form titled HIPAA Notice 2022 is for your records so feel free to print it if you want a copy; it will also be made available to you at our first meeting. 


Metered parking is available in front of the building (K Street) and there is some free 2-hour parking located on 27th Street. See photos on the page titled Office Photos.

Please arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes early to our first session just so that you have plenty of time to find parking and the office (which is located upstairs at 2715 K Street Unit C). 

You can wait in the waiting room and I will come out and get you at your scheduled appointment time. 

Session Length

Sessions are 50 minutes long. Typically, the first session is a little longer, closer to 60 minutes. I keep an eye on the time during session out of respect for your time, other patient’s time, and my time. However, I am a firm believer that we use the time we need, which means while we try to keep to our scheduled time, we may at times end early or use the full hour. My focus and goal is to provide you with quality treatment in the time we have, each time we meet.